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 Hey, gorgeous curly’s. I’ve been looking forward to posting this! My curly hair product review. So you may or may not relate but I have SO many hair products! Stashed at home and I barely get round to using them. So I thought why not review those products and let you know which worked the best for me. Il give you my styling techniques, my tips to healthy hair, and even a link to shop the product directly.


My Hair Type

So I’m biracial, my mum is British and my dad is Jamaican. I would describe my hair as thick, loose dry curls naturally. I usually have to wet it with conditioner to style it daily. When I sleep on my hair, in the morning its impossible to style without wetting it. So that’s what I usually do. I hardly shampoo my hair however as it drys it out and strips my hair of its natural oils. Now and then I can get away with not wetting it and adding a leave-in conditioner to my hair and brushing it out to style it. But that all depends on if I’ve used hairspray, mousse or not! I have completely different hair to my sisters and brother, which is what I find so fascinating. We have the same parents, however very different types of hair. This is why I have so many products. Me and my sisters have tried them all!

My Hair Journey

Before I had kertain treatment on my hair I didnt really pay attention to what products I was using. My curls were always very tight and full! I couldnt control my hair because it was so thick and big, so I tried to look for products that loosend the curls and made it easier to handle. Sad I know! Now, however after loosing my curls and noticing how damaged my hair became, Iv really stepped up the maintance and iv noticed a difference massively!


      Before Keratin treatment and colouring

After keratin treatment/ coloring and heat styling!

I completely lost my volume, curl definition and texture! It was dry, flat and would go straight if I let it dry naturally. I didn’t deep condition much and still used heat to style so my hair had no chance! Now after seeing these results I don’t want to put you off Keratin/Brazilian blow dry. Everyone has different hair types and it may work for you and your styles. When my hair was straightened it was smooth and stayed straight for long. However, I was hoping the treatment would just reduce frizz not actually reduce my curls. (lesson learned).

The lady at the salon did give me some healthy hair tips! She said I should use coconut oil on the ends to hydrate the hair and do a hair mask at least once a week to condition and give your hair the nutrients it need’s. Now I followed her advice and Iv been using different products every 2 months to review and see the results.

First product review – Olive Oil leave in conditioner

Click Image to shop – £2.68


Iv been using this conditioner on and off for a few years! I picked it up from a hair shop in London (Paks) and it’s an absolute bargain! Feels lightweight on your hair and takes a while for product build up (pro). Also a little goes a long way! I use it when I don’t want to wet my hair before styling, I put it all over the hair and brush and spray water to style the hair again. Iv used this product and coconut oil on the ends every few days. Iv been using it every other day for 4 weeks now and below are before and after results.



Before using the product my hair still felt dry, flat and the curls were very loose. I found it hard to keep my hair curly throughout the day as they would drop easily. This product has kick-started my healthy hair journey! It feels fuller and bouncier. The only con would be the product doesn’t last long. Meaning you have to reapply every other day to see the benefits. Meaning you have to shampoo more due to product build up. Another con is the smell. I’m not a fan personally and its a little strong for your hair. However, a little perfume sorts that problem out.

I love this product and will continue using it for now. The texture of my hair has improved and overall feels healthier and happier! (yes im referring to my hair ha)


I hope you liked this post! My next review is on its way soon. If you have any product recommendations please feel free to contact me!


Thanks for reading

Natalie Rose





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  1. Polly
    January 21, 2018 / 8:46 pm

    I’m always looking for products to help perk my curls up again! I’ve always been curious about trying a keratin treatment, but not if it means I lose definition!

    Polly |

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