Beyonce is loving yellow this season #MeToo

Beyonce loves the colour yellow this season #MeToo

Beyonce is loving yellow #Metoo

Beychella ran the line for bringing Yellow to the stage this season at her incredible flawless performance at Coachella.  Beyonce became the first black women to headline Coachella and brought black girl magic in every way possible. 

From her Balmain hoodie, her costumes and even her backing dancers, singers and musicians, Yellow shone brightly. 

The colour of strong, independent queens. Yellow and black in nature symbolises danger. We avoid bees and wasps because of their yellow stripes. Milleniums have changed how we perceive this colour and embraced its nature. Empowering, uplifting and positive. 


Now it was not just a fashion statement but also a social statement. What better colour to represent gender and racial equality as well as the #Metoo movement. Beyonce created such a large inspiring impact that of course that went straight to the runway. The colour yellow is a strong positive colour that is not gendered biased. It’s shining bright, you would not wear a bright yellow dress to avoid attention. We are causing attention around the #MeToo movement and also the racial and gender discrimination in the fashion industry. What a better colour to represent such strong movements.

AW18 Runway

It was all over the AW18 runway from Calvin Klein rain macs to Prada’s Banana-print shirts. Dior’s retro-yellow sunnies and Maison Margiela’s coats. 

The colour yellow has been bursting onto the runway for years. It’s a gender-neutral colour that has a positive uplifting vibe.  Icons like Michelle Williams who’s yellow dress at the 2006 Oscars now has it’s own Wikipedia page or Rihanna’s Opera Cape at the 2015 Met Ball. The dress that launched a million memes.

Milleniums are done with the overworked pink and blue for men and women. They want a colour that does not specify them as a certain type of person. 

The colour has an uplifting feeling and also an empowering feeling. With the #Metoo movement going at full force, yellow has been closely linked with it. It is a colour that naturally vibrates with darker skin tones and at a time where diverse representation in the fashion and beauty industry is changing what a better time to bring a brighter more positive colour into the fashion industry. 

A list of my favourite yellow pieces below this summer that I can’t get enough of!



Let me know if you pick out anything nice

Lots of Love Natalie xxx



  1. emily
    July 18, 2018 / 11:45 pm

    I’m not normally into yellow but I’m loving this color! And I love the message of your post very empowering.

    • Natalie Rose
      August 1, 2018 / 11:24 pm

      Me too I love it this season. Thank you. 🙏🏽💕

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