PrettyLittleThing ooze confidence in Women of all shapes and sizes

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, I’m sure you’ve heard of the global brand PrettyLittleThing. This year they have taken off and are for sure one of my favourite affordable fashion brands. They ooze confidence in every way shape and size!

pretty little thing ooze confidence in women

Collaborating with the likes of Kardashians, Maya Jama, Karl Kani, Sofia Richie to name a few. They are leading the way for high street fashion online! Are constantly sold out and have new pieces every day. They are in such high demand that I actually saw they stopped next day delivery to keep up with sales.


pretty little thing ooze confidence in women


Not only are they on-trend, fashionable and flattering clothing, they also represent women that look like me and you! Women of all shapes and sizes, curves, boobs, short, tall. I love looking through their site because I can really tell what the clothes are going to look like on my body compared to other sites.

They have a range of models, sometimes Instagram influencers who for sure come in all shapes and sizes but look so fierce in their clothing and ooze confidence. It’s so refreshing to see a brand that has such a huge impact, change the way in which we see fashion. Finally, a brand that listens to their consumers.


pretty little thing ooze confidence in women

pretty little thing ooze confidence in women

Diversity In fashion builds confidence in women

Diversity in fashion has been a long time coming. In body shapes, sizes, heights, skin colours, hair colours. Certain brands only show a certain type of women in their branding which I think is personally ridiculous. Why would you not want to reach out to all types of consumers and make people feel comfortable and have confidence in your clothing and style?

It’s an old habit that is starting to change, we see it now with beauty brands adding more diversity in shades and also Asos not airbrushing their models. Finally, we are seeing REAL women represented in fashion and its about time.


Not all Brands

Sadly this is not the case for all brands, they are still stuck in this one size model and a certain type of model to showcase in their clothing. It’s disappointing but also shows how far we have yet to come. I actually came across a high street brand, that is advertised a lot on influencers that I follow and is also targetted at a similar age range to PLT. These influencers are all different shapes and sizes which is why I looked into the brand further. I was actually shocked to see very tiny women wearing these clothes. I couldn’t imagine myself in any of it and it was very disheartening.


Influence and confidence

I think we are aware more than ever the influence we can have on people, especially large brands. Social media is thriving and younger women are very impressionable. I think it sends out a bad message to see only one size in clothes. It can affect women’s self-esteem and confidence when it’s only one person’s opinion. We should all feel fabulous regardless if we have a thigh gap or 6 pack abs.

We don’t need to confined to society’s or certain brands idea of beautiful or fashionable. It’s fashionable to be yourself, to be confident and to love your body. More brands need to give off that message.


I’m supporting the brands that support us! In every shape and size, colour, height. The brand’s that show diversity and shows women looking confident, fabulous and HEALTHY. Pretty Little Thing you have a YES from me!!


pretty little thing ooze confidence in women


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