5 great women roles of 2018 that you must watch

Empowering women is the trend of the year. More and more women are taking the lead on our screens and proving women are not just the typical timid innocent character and I love it!

Growing up as an aspiring actress, I would find it confusing that women played such timid character’s when I didn’t know many women who were actually timid and wanted to be saved by the stereotypical superhero man. The majority of women I knew were strong, sassy, fearless and held down a family, career and also managed to look fabulous. Smart and ambitious. They didn’t need saving! If anything, they were the ones doing the saving. Yet why was this not shown on our screens?

5 great women roles you need to watch!

Netflix and youtube is becoming increasingly popular and more conversation is being had over inclusion and seeing diversity on our screens and tv. Diversity in our character’s, actors playing them and the roles they are playing. I think people forget how much of an impact these roles have on society. They should ideally reflect society, which has not been the case for many years but I can see a change.


Check out these fabulous women in these empowering roles!


empowering women roles of 2018


Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise) is a sexually free artist who moves through life taking what she wants. Nola is a feminist, an activist, and a woman. A woman who has no time for the people who don’t understand the way she’s chosen to live her life.


empowering women roles of 2018

Tracey (Michaela Coel) has lived a sheltered life, there’s no doubt about that. Tracey’s mother is overprotective and deeply religious, the man she’s supposed to marry seems vaguely repulsed by her, and she’s definitely never had sex. However, as heroines go, Tracey is outrageously funny and determined to start living her life on her own terms even if that means making out with a poet who hangs out in dumpsters.


  • Crazy Rich Asians

empowering women roles you must watch in 2018

Wu will star as Rachel Chu. An economics professor who suddenly finds herself thrust into the world of wealth and excess when she goes to the wedding of her boyfriend’s best friend in Singapore. Empowering women from all races and backgrounds.


empowering women roles you must watch in 2018

Jane the Virgin follows three generations of Hispanic women all living under the same roof. But at its heart, the series is a coming-of-age tale centered on Jane (Gina Rodriguez). Watching Jane grow with the support of the amazing women in her life is an absolute joy. It just gets better with every season.


empowering women roles you must watch in 2018

Who knew a show about the world of women’s wrestling could be so entertaining? GLOW‘s eclectic group of characters includes Alison Brie as “the heel,” a star-making turn from Betty Gilpin as the quintessential all-American hero, and Sydelle Noel as the only character who knows what she’s doing in the ring. Together this rag-tag group defies expectations at every turn.



This is just a small selection, there’s soo many especially on Netflix at the moment. Id love to hear your thoughts on these roles and if you had any recommendations for empowering roles to look out for let me know!

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